Xmas Metal Medley

2011-12-08 19:05:42 by sbeast64

I made an updated version of my "Xmas Metal Medley" from last year and a video to go with it.

Buy the song here

Lord of the Metal Rings

2011-09-21 22:39:54 by sbeast64

I have begun releasing my "Lord of the Metal Rings" album on my youtube channel.

Here's the first video, more to come soon!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Metal Cover

2011-08-05 21:36:40 by sbeast64

I made a metal cover of "Sons of Skyrim" from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

Link to song

Song of Storms - Metal Remix

2011-06-13 21:06:54 by sbeast64

My latest remix is up on my youtube channel. It's a metal remix of "Song of Storms" from Ocarina of Time.

This is going on my metal Zelda album, which you can check out on my bandcamp page: Bandcamp

Xmas Metal

2010-12-02 16:04:46 by sbeast64

I have just made an "Xmas Metal Medley" with a video to go along with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBt0Ie1 RmOY

Xmas Metal

New Metal Remix!

2010-08-21 10:27:58 by sbeast64

My first update here in a long time. Its a metal remix of the hell march theme from the red alert series
Check it out here

You can also see a video of me playing it on my youtube channel

28th May 2009

2009-05-28 13:05:18 by sbeast64

New song just uploaded. It is a Medley of Zelda songs remixed into a rock/metal style. Check it out and please comment/rate. Thanks!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /241434